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Gone Dark - Kyla & Sylvana

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8 by 8" Print

Fine Art Archival Print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag

Kyla: “I miss crowded dressing rooms. I miss being inspired by my coworkers. But this time has been so valuable. I’ve never had so much time to focus on myself. When the pandemic is over people are going to be so excited for in-person experiences. Our industry has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a new system, one that will be a crucial part of rebuilding New York’s economy.”

Sylvana: “I love 2020 for being the most sideways, cosmically kinky, fucked up year of my life so far. It was the worst in the best way possible, and I am grateful for it.”

Artist Statement: New York theatres and nightclubs now gather dust, shuttered for almost a year, the performers who gave them life – shelved. Gone Dark explores the hardships of 2020 from the perspective of performers. Each image is accompanied by a handwritten quote providing an intimate insight into their individual experiences.

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