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Gone Dark - Malaya

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Malaya: "For decades before the pandemic, Smalls Jazz club has always been a crowded hang for NYC musicians and Jazz lovers. It has an unwavering sense of community available to us after our long days wearing many hats from our own gigs and alter-ego hustles. We identify with and find belongingness in each other whenever we choose to step into this historic place in the Jazz scene. Gathering, playing and supporting our peers. Or simply just jamming together 'til literally the break of day! It's that important to us. It was hard not having that during the isolation period. It sent a lump in my throat that I couldn't ingest as I watched the venues one by one surrender to this great invisible.

This time clearly reinforces how essential artists are to New York. I do hope that artists are cared for and supported by the community better. We will play with or without commerce as we all uphold a culture that supports not only the businesses/economy but also the overall buoyancy of New Yorkers and the world that is watching us take lead. "

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