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Gone Dark - The Brides

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“Step right up” has been replaced with “stay at home”. For over 6 months, we along with fellow performing artists, have been locked up like once treasured toys from a bygone Birthday. We are fighting fear of a lethal virus, to pay for rent and food, and to cling to hope. But we also fight with the fear of disappearing altogether.
What does it mean to be essential? Medical professionals, teachers, city personnel, the grocery store staff, and a myriad of other brave souls ensure that we have care, education, transport, and food throughout this heavy time. All essential. But what of hope? Joy? Dreams? The players of the stage are the caretakers of these precious commodities. We are essential too. Traditional stages may fall victim to a pandemic. But the cavorting spirits of artists is cunning. Through wars, plagues, natural disasters, and a few wraths of God (which we threw in for drama) we have evolved and woven stories to inspire. And somehow, we shall prevail. This summer the Boardwalk may be silent, and the Coney Island Sideshow stage empty, but The Outlaw Clowns Of Coney are “REAL!” “ALIVE!” - The Brides of Burlesque

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