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Seclude in the Nude - Bridget

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12 by 18" Photographic Print on Matt Paper

“I found out I was losing my job at the end of February. It was tough news to get, but I was hopeful. I threw myself into the job search. Interviews were lining up, and I even had a few offers on the table when coronavirus hit. 

Soon interviews sputtered out, and the offers started being retracted, one by one. Then my husband got sick. I remember driving him to the ER after he fainted in our kitchen after days of spiking fevers and night sweats. He was so weak that I had to walk him to hospital doors before being turned away at the threshold by security. I went back to my car and cried. What the fuck just happened to my life? 

Two months later and we’re both healthy. I landed a remote design gig that pays the bills. There’s unexpected freedom in this new life. I only got into photography last summer — and my day job made it difficult to devote as much time to it as I wanted to. In quarantine, I feel like creativity finally has room to breathe.” 

As a beginner, I used to be so self-conscious about posting my photography on social media. But the landscape has shifted so much. I’ve been participating in the FaceTime photo shoot movement, which I think is such a powerful equalizer. There’s no hiding behind expensive gear or beautiful locations or impeccable styling. It’s just you and your eye. It’s been a huge confidence boost to get noticed and produce work I’m really proud of. I’ve gotten the chance to meet and work with other amazing creatives like Kirra. I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but I’m sometimes so grateful for what life looks like right now.” - @bridgeterrante for ‘Seclude in the Nude’

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