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Seclude in the Nude - Darlinda

$100.00 USD

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12 by 18" Photographic Print on Fine Art Matt Paper

“This experience has been a cycle of emotions, being an artist my imagination ran WILD at the beginning of this experience. I thought, "well I won't be able to survive NYC without live performance, so I'll give myself 6 months and move home with my parents!" then it went to " I hate online performing, I miss the chemistry of a live audience!" then I realized," this is going to be a long journey, I need to shift my artistic brain to make art for the small screen!" And since then it's been FUN! My bedroom is my recording studio/ costume shop/dressing room! So, there is NO WAY I will be leaving NYC because I CAN MAKE IT! I've been here for almost 18 years, celebrated my 16 years in performance, and 9 years being a FULL-TIME PERFORMER! I have so much to be grateful for, a supportive household, a close-knit community of artists and friends that live down the block from me! This project directly connects to my art, my personal space, my home! It was also a chance to connect with another human being off a screen!” @darlindajust for 'Seclude in the Nude'

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