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Seclude in the Nude - Kyla

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12 by 18" Photographic Print on Fine Art Matt Paper

“ I went through a time in my life about 10 years ago where I was done with the abuse of the dance world and didn't quite know who I was as an artist. I created a bunch of art projects that were all about that struggle of figuring out who I was. This pandemic arrived at a time when I felt like I had hit my stride as an artist, I had found my people, and I was so excited about the things to come. I can't make work with my performance partner right now. I so miss holding onto her, laughing together while spinning fast in the air. I miss the crowded dressing rooms and spontaneous late-night conversations. I'm creating work at home now. I have to, I don't know any other way to exist.” @kygwen for ‘Seclude in the Nude’

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