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Seclude in the Nude - Samantha

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12 by 18" Photographic Print on Fine Art Matt Paper

As a closet introvert, I can admit that transitioning into the “new normal” may have been easier for myself than the large share of my friends and colleagues, as well as the world at large. Being a full-time gig worker, with all of my revenue streams being performance-related, there have definitely been anxieties about the future for not only artists but for everyone in general. I’m doing my best to channel that energy into productive artistic outlets as much as I can, but I definitely also have days where I’m not productive at all. It comes in waves.

I have been able to find ways to continue performing shows virtually on various online platforms and it is an experience and outlet that I am truly grateful for.
I wanted to participate in Seclude in the Nude because I enjoy finding new ways to continue connecting and creating with people to make art together during the quarantine. Also because I like doing anything that includes getting naked!” - @theblueeyedbombshell for ‘Seclude in the Nude’

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