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Seclude in the Nude - Stacy

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12 by 18" Photographic Print on Fine art Matt Paper

“I wanted to be a part of your project bc I am a huge fan and I really wanted to do something scary AF. Getting on a fire escape butt ass naked in 45-degree weather during a viral pandemic seemed like a helluva time. It was an amazing memorable experience and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Minus pandemic.”

Stacey @elegant_dirtbag is a mum of three and a student in surgical technology. She is currently working on the front line as a unit secretary in the CCU (coronary critical care unit) which has been converted into an ICU unit for COVID patients for the past month. She told me that posing for my ‘Seclude in the Nude’ project was “the craziest thing she’s done sober”. @elegant_dirtbag for 'Seclude in the Nude'

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